Everlovin' Ya
Kimbra feat. Bilal
The Golden Echo (Deluxe Version)

everlovin’ ya // kimbra feat. bilal

how long have you been hiding underneath it all?
my heart is lying to myself and straight to yours
what is the way to say it?
there seems no perfect way to play it

The Stranger
Billy Joel
The Stranger

the stranger // billy joel

some are satin, some are steel
some are silk and some are leather
they’re the faces of the stranger
but we love to try them on

trainstopfloors said: Do you have a spotify account?

We do not.

There’s trntbl.me though.

Fuck and Run
Liz Phair
Exile in Guyville

fuck and run // liz phair

i can feel it in my bones
i’m gonna spend another year alone
it’s fuck and run, fuck and run

Money on My Mind
Sam Smith
In the Lonely Hour

money on my mind // sam smith

please, can you make this work for me?
'cause i'm not a puppet
i will work against your strings

Dark Doo Wop
Secondhand Rapture

dark doo wop // ms mr

if we’re gonna die, bury us alive
if they’re searching for us, they’ll find us side by side
that’s my, that’s my man

The Pretty Reckless
Going to Hell

absolution // the pretty reckless

we’re all crucified in the end
can you hear a voice?
decipher it through all this noise
you’ll be left with nothing again

Blowin' Smoke
Kacey Musgraves
Same Trailer Different Park

blowin’ smoke // kacey musgraves

we all say that we’ll quit someday
when our ship comes in
we’ll just sail away
but we’re just blowin’ smoke

Mary Lambert
Heart On My Sleeve

secrets // mary lambert

i know i’m not the only one
who spent so long attempting to be someone else
well, i’m over it

Lust For Life

lust for life // girls

and maybe if i really try with all of my heart
then i could make a brand new start in love with you